Acrylic on 9X12 Masonite panel.  My ship's reunion is in September.  Last year I took an original of mine for their auction and it did well.  It raised money for Veterans' causes.  This year, I am going once again with the nautical theme (of course!).  I tried to follow the advice that Karen and others gave Judy.  I stayed chromatic near the sun and less so as I moved away from it.  Also, I tried to make the sun less of an orb and more of a mass without boundaries.  I still struggle with reflections though. Thoughts?  Critiques?  Thanks in advance.


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I love this just the way it is. I especially like the way the setting sun touches the sailor and the piling. I am going to love to hear the critiques of others. I do not have anything but praise! I am also looking to give my paintings to fundraising auctions. What a great way for the work we do to end up in the right hands. Very worthy cause. My Dad was in the Navy, so thanks!

Really nice Mike! I love your sunset and all its lovely color! That sun really glows, nice job! You've done a great job on your figure as well!

They are going to love this one!

Here are some ideas

  • The background land forms are very brownish. Similar in color to the post - they are lighter in value which is great! If I were you I would have them a cooler color. More of a neutral purplish color - gradating to that warmer color near the sun.
  • Where the sky goes to the blue and the warm grey colors - The blue is pretty chromatic, especially next to the really neutral gray. The area has a lot of crisp edges. To me this draws the eye away from the sunset. Against that rich orange any blues you do will really pop - complementary colors - so the blue you used may have looked fairly neutral on the palette, but against the orange it looks really vibrant. I would go with more neutral colors and more blended edges in that area
  • When I look at his collar I see long hair - is it just me? Does anyone else see that? I think it's because of the warm tones from the sun. And I love those! Possibly just an indication in a cooler dark color of the upper edge of the collar?
  • Just the shape of the hat - our point of view is low here, kind of looking up at the figure, and he is looking down slightly, so we are seeing the underside of the brim in the photo. It's a tiny thing!

Thanks for sharing Mike! It's a beauty!

Thanks Karen.  Minor adjustments.  I see what you mean.  I will try add a touch of orange to my chromatic blue and use my wash brush to soften edges. This should knock it back a bit.  I'll post when I make those minor adjustments.

My revision after taking into account Karen's suggestions.

Okay, I like that. The collar doesn't look like hair anymore.

I'm thinking you took the photo in darker light? You seem to have lost the brilliance of the sun, but it doesn't look like you changed it by looking at the brushstrokes, so I'm thinking it is the photo?

So, I think we have gone a tad too far in that dark neutral almost greenish color that you have painted over the blue! I was hoping just for a softer more neutral color. Really what you have in the water on the left side is looking great!

Something more along these lines? I've just used the blues and purples that you have in the water and created soft, blended shapes...


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