Another class assignment - we had to build a collage and we had to use the work "rhapsodist" in it which is the name of the annual school art magazine.  After building the collage, we had to paint it.  Acrylic, 16"x20".

My photo is showing a little washed out particularly in the sky and center evergreen to what it actually looks like; although I did try to "grey" those down for distance but maybe went too far.  It looks better to me in person in those areas. 

Anyway, I'm really interested in any constructive critiques you can give me (about anything in the painting) so that I can learn.  I changed the word placement during the painting process.Thanks in advance for your time.

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Wow, Mary.  You have been trying some really challenging subjects lately.  I think you have been doing a wonderful job!

Your background colors look good to me.  The brooch looks very 3 dimensional - how did you do that?  I also particularly like what you did with the nest.

I think this must have been quite difficult to create.  Well done, Mary!

you are really stepping out there Mary! i think the background is great. i really like the whole thing. the trees are lovely. really cool, interesting project :)

Hi Sarah & Wenda:

Thanks for your comments.  Sarah, the brooch, bird and road were all built up with Polymer Medium Gloss so that along with the bit of highlight at the top that may have contributed to giving it dimension.  I appreciate hearing from you both!

What fun Mary! It sounds like a really interesting class - getting your creativity going for sure!


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