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Thanks Deborah; good luck with your painting!

HI Mary. Thanks for sharing... This is lovely. Curious if you incorporated any of the suggestions below? The one that stands out for me is the boldness of the tops of the middle ground trees. It does bring my eye right to them. I LOVE the grass work! I can almost hear rusting in the breeze. Well done!

Thanks KC - appreciate your writing and comments.    I haven't reworked it yet but intend to try at some point.  

ok, so I tried to incorporate what I felt I understood about your very helpful suggestions.  I practiced adding snow on another canvas but wasn't satisfied so I'll need to work on that one some more.  Although I'm still seeing color and value problems here my "giddy up and go, gotty up and went" on this painting, so I'm going to have to retire this one for now.   HOWEVER, I can't thank you all enough for your time and effort to share your critiques.  Hopefully I'll retain them for future improvement and maybe revisit this next winter!!!!

Nice! I think the changes made a big difference! Especially the softer trees in the mid ground. Well done Mary!

Yes!!  The green tree is now the focal point and the background has receded to a more distant plane.  Stand it upside down on a shelf for a while and see if it speaks to you .   .   . for better or worse.  Snow can be fun, to say the least.  Some of my earliest (high school days!) have bright yellow highlights and very dark blue shadows.  Rather crude, but guess I had the basic concept.  Anyway, you are on the right track with this, and really like the way it is coming along!

i love the changes Mary! the tree line is beautiful now! and i love the evergreen tree. it looks much better, taller. and the snow is a nice touch! you did a great job!


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