How do I get some constructive feedback on my painting?

You will want to start a Discussion!

  1. Click the "+Add" button on the top right  of the Discussions page to start a new discussion thread
  2. Introduce your painting by telling us size, title, medium and anything specific you would like help with.
  3. Upload your painting by using the small photo icon above the comment box (right next the the "Link" icon). This will put the photo in the body of your discussion and make it easier to see than an attachment. Upload your reference photo too!
  4. Choose the "Constructive Critique" Category from the drop down menu below the comment box.
  5. Be sure to click the "Follow" button below your post to be notified by email whenever you get a response. Also click the follow button on any other discussions you would like to be notified about!

Constructive Critiques are meant to give encouragement as well as to help see specific areas to address to improve your painting. They not only help you in completing your painting, but they help us all to become better painters by forming our thoughts about yours and sharing them. So you are doing us all a favor when you post your paintings!

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If you aren't ready for a public posting, and would like more in depth and private critique from Karen, there is another option!

click here to check out the Personal Critique option


Not ready for a critique? That's okay! Start your discussion the same way as above, but instead of choosing the "Constructive Critique" category, choose "Just Sharing". And if you just want to chat, choose "General Discussions" 

Or, just upload your Photo in the Photo section for positive comments and support. Don't be shy, we would love to hear from you!

Here is more info on how to upload your photos

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I really like this monochromatic sort of painting. It is beautifully done.

I'm going to close this thread to new comments - its getting confusing with all the different paintings in one place... I have  moved all the newest paintings that are ready for comments to their own discussion thread. If you would still like comments on a painting that I did not move, just start a new thread using the "+add" button on the top right! And thanks for all your comments and support!



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