Karen,as you can see,there are 3 blank comments from last night.Somehow after I signed out,it did that.This is too wierd

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Not sure what is going on Art!

Anyone else having these problems?

I'm not having any problems and everyone else seems to be posting ok.

May try shutting down and restart your computer Art (unless your on a smart phone). Or have you notice it running slower than usual?

I just had mine completely cleaned and added better security because I was getting hacked. Never know what kind of viruses and junk is online. Now I can scan and sweep it every night right before I shut down.

Mark on S7

Karen, it comes and goes. I was able to make 2 comments. Haven't tryed today. If you get this it's ok for now. It could be the site is overloaded..ok,here we go to hit reply. It's now 6:41 pm
Ok it worked.had to hit reply 5 times
I'm doing an update on a previous upload of unda da sea. Added a lot more stuff

Sounds good Art! Looking forward to it!


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