Time for a new CHALLENGE!

I'm calling this one "Color Your World"

So, if you've watched many of my videos, you know I'm always saying that VALUE is more important than COLOR to give you a sense of realism, form and depth in your painting.

COLOR can do a lot to change the MOOD of a painting.

So once you nail the VALUES you can go in all different directions with the color and you will have very different paintings!

In this challenge, we will use this Black and White image as our reference photo....

The challenge is to create your own world by sticking to the VALUES, but going as crazy as you want with color! Green sky? Sure, it just has to match the VALUE of the sky in the photo.

Make your colors neutral and subdued, or bright and cheerful. Just match the VALUES :)

Make is a spring scene, a fall scene, a winter scene, a summer scene.

Make it on Earth or Mars!

Make it completely a fantasy scene or a very realistic one.

Add lots of interest and detail, or make it sketchy and impressionistic.

Just try to nail those VALUE RELATIONSHIPS and then have some fun!

Remember value is all about relationships. How much lighter or darker an area is to those around it.

Here is a little video to describe it further!

Color Your World Challenge Video

what  you think? Are you in?

Let's work on this through the end of April.

Post your paintings when you are done in the general photos section with the word Challenge in the title and I will add them to our album!

Click here to go to the album of our finished paintings

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Fantastic Karen! I'm in!!!

I,m in this time, for sure! :)

Oh how fun! I am definitely in!

I'm in.

Love it~ I"m in!

So happy to see all the interest! This is going to be fun! I think I'm going to try something very other worldly :)

What I love about these challenges is focusing on the process, on learning something new. Trying something new, experimenting. If it turns out okay that's fine, too :) I get caught up sometimes in wanting every painting to be a complete, finished painting. What I really need to do is experiment more!

I'm in; what's the deadline?   I have wanted to do an exercise of first painting a B&W study, then picking three different color schemes, like complementary or tertiary only. and painting same scene three ways..so this lends itself to that perfectly. 

Let's go through the end of April!

I am certainly willing to try. I am usually attracted to a scene because of the colors, so I feel unsure about this, but it can't hurt to try. ..

We all are Sarah! That's why stepping back and learning to see the values in the colors is so important to improving your paintings. It will be fun!


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