this is a photo I got of Pixabay.It was my attempt at a still. I learnt heaps from doing this one. Acrylic paint used.

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great job on this acrylic still life. it has nice rich color and lots of light.

Thanks again Wenda

I am not much of a critic, but nobody has said anything yet. I looked a the painting again and I do love it. If I were going to change anything though, I think I would try to get some shadow behind the rag and shoes and bottles. also the brush sorta looks like its made of clear plastic. maybe if you put some of those darks between the bristles, it  would look brushier. see what I mean? like on the side of the brush, in the photo.  just my observations. very cool subject to paint :)  

Thanks Wenda. I only picked up a paintbrush for the first time last October. I have been learning on youtube and going to an Art Club once a week for 3 hours so I need all the help I can get. I am ill in bed at the moment and that is why I got very brave and posted some of my paintings. Once I am up again I intend to fix the tree as you suggested on that other painting and I will work on shadows. I struggle with shadows because they never look natural they look like blobs. It is great when people point things out that aren't quite right and when they do you can then see it too.  I have been watching Karen's tutorials and  have learnt so much so I am looking forward to paint again. She explains things so well, I have had a few lightbulb moments that has been great. I put the paintings up so they could be critiqued as I want to learn so please tell me where I am going wrong. Thanks again Wenda for taking the time to help me. Cheers

Lovely! You are such a hard worker! You are moving a long ways in a short time :)

Vicki, you've only been painting for a year!  This particular work (I haven't looked at your others yet) is very good.  I see that you gridded the photo to get an accurate drawing to paint.  Your painting has the warmth of the photograph.  I can almost smell the shoe polish and old leather.  I might suggest using a pigmented glaze to knock back the white in the buffing rag just a tad. I like the reflections on the shoe tops.   I haven't read the other comments but I would be surprised if anyone found anything too wrong with it.  Its a lovely painting.

Thank you so much Mike. I will use a pigmented glaze on the rag as it is far too bright. I just have to look up what I need to do for that. Thanks again.


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