Hello, everybody. :) This is my first attempt to change my style and to simply see the world surrounding me instead of just seeing concepts in the world surrounding me. I had a wonderful time painting this painting and I want to thank Karen for her advice. :) Thank you very much, Karen, for changing my point of view in painting and in life in general. :) Painting is indeed wonderful. :) And I keep my opinion that painting can change the world a the good way!  :)  Have a nice day, and have a lovely time painting ! 

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This is lovely Cindy! I can see you have gone for a more realistic scene. How fun!

As always your color is bright and cheerful :) 

One thing I would suggest - practice just really looking at your reference, whether it is a photo or real life. Try not to think - That is a tree or That is a leaf. Just look at the colors and the shapes you see and try to match that. Our minds want to tell us the way things look - put them into categories. The key to painting more realistically is to turn off that part of the brain and paint what you actually see! It's not easy!! :)

But above all its about having fun and so don't ever lose that! :)

hi cindy! i missed this somehow. what cheerful colors you chose. i am interested in seeing your next one :) i am still trying to figure out my own "style". everywhere i go i am looking at things with painters eyes now. the whole world looks differently when you start painting, doesn't it? i hope you are having fun. i know i am!


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