This is an 18 X 24 Acrylic on Canvas. I'm not going to say much about this one. The photo was snapped while cruising down the highway. I'm interested to hear what you all think. 

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I love it Brad! Really beautiful!

It's very soothing and peaceful. And warm! You made some great choices with the softening of everything in the background.

Your clouds are beautiful! The geometry of the field, and the whole scene against the soft sky is awesome.'

Great job! I wouldn't change a thing!

Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you, Karen!

Brad, It's an intriguing geometrical composition.  In my opinion, that alone carries the painting.  I think you did a masterful job on the airy and wispy.  The horizon slices through the middle.  Purists say that's a no-no but who cares.  I like it.  

Thank you so much, Mike!

i thought so too Mike!  Brad did a great job. he made it work :)

You are so right Mike! I think it works because of the geometric composition. It's as if the subject is the geometry. Man's hand in the field, nature's hand in the lovely sky. A sort or peaceful tension.

Ha, it brings all these philosophical ideas to mind. Interesting how playing with the rules of composition can bring a whole new dimension to the painting.

Y'all are making my day with this conversation!

Awesome! :)

I like this a lot. Beyond the warm colors and soft sky, I really like that I can sense the motion of the car in the rows of the field. You capture and preserve that instant of speeding by and catching a glimpse of something beautiful.

Thank you Sandy! That is exactly what I was going for!!

I really like this too Brad.  The geometry of the field against the free soft form of the clouds is so nice.  This is an interesting and beautiful painting.  

Thank you, Deborah.


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