I'm new here and maybe this question has been answered, so please forgive! Right now I can't afford to buy the Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. However I do have quite a few paints. Is there a way to create it using others paint colors?

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Hi Jauhara and welcome to the community.

I asked this same question just over a month ago and here is what was discussed:

- I found that Quinacridone Nickel/Azo Gold is a proprietary color of GOLDEN paints. You can't get it anywhere else.

- It was suggested to me that Burnt Sienna is a close match but not as "warm" as QuinNikAzoGold (for short). While I haven't had experience with GOLDEN's color yet, I can't say how to adjust Burnt Sienna to make it a better match. That's probably some we'll never know until we've seen QuinNikAzoGold for ourselves. How can we make something look like something we've never seen?

So for now, I just do my own mixing until I see a color that I like. I've tried using Burnt Sienna where I think Karen would have used the other, but again, I just don't know what to expect so I just determine if the color I mixed works or doesn't work.

Perhaps Karen can fill in the blanks or point to the video that mentions this alternative color use. Otherwise - you know about as much as I know for now.

Glad to have you here - looking forward to seeing some of your work.

~ Enjoy ~

~ David

Thanks David! I hope that Karen reads these so that she will reply.

Hi Jauhara!

Welcome! So glad you could join us. The place of Quin Gold on my palette is that it is a dark, transparent yellow color. Perfect for mixing with Pthalo Blue and Alizarin Crimson to make a dark that is rich and clear. It's transparency makes it a great mixing color. The cadmium colors and earth colors have lovely rich color, but they tend to make your mixtures muddy very quickly. When I discovered Quin Gold I was so excited, no more dull darks!

That being said I completely understand the expense of new paints! Whew. The color that would be nearest to it would be Burnt Sienna. It's more opaque and doesn't have quite the same yellow to it. But many painters do use it, so it can't be all bad! Haha. You can also make a great dark with Pthalo Green and Cadmium Red Light. Again, not as transparent. If you'd like, reply with a list of the colors you do have, and I can see what might work best for you! It's really all a matter of personal preference, and choosing what works for you is what counts.

Just so you can compare, here is a link to Jerry's Artarama. It's an online art supply store. I'm not affiliated - just wanted to take you somewhere you could see the colors yourself.

I use a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber for my darkest darks.  Works great for me! 


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