Hey all!

Here is my latest painting effort that I titled "Autumn's Majesty".  Took a little more than 2 hours and I did some final minor touches this morning.  I used Golden Heavy Body acrylics, painted on a 12" x 16" archival canvas pad.  I put the painting in Photo Frame Studio, to show what it would look like framed.  I'm pretty happy with it, overall.  I moved to OR from MN, and miss the many birch trees on those windy fall days.  This was also using my new sealable palette, which I just love!  I don't know how I even got this far without one :).  I'm just going and going, trying to find out what works and what doesn't. 

Enjoy!  Any C&C welcome. 

~ Shane C. 

  photo AutumnsMajesty_zpsf9247373.jpg


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Great job Shane! Really lovely!  I can feel the wind!

Hi Shane,

Autumn's Majesty is beautiful! You've really done a superb job and the frame is so suitable for it. You must be so happy with it!  I love the sky "holes" in the birches, they make such interesting negative spaces. This painting was done in a little over 2 hours??!!?? Awesome!!

Thanks Lynda and Linda!  It was fun painting it.  I'm starting to realize the less I focus on the technicalities (but being aware of them) the better and more relaxed I paint.  I'm still finding my groove and style, early on in a hopeful career in painting.  I'm only 39, so I have a few years to figure it out :).  Linda, yes, I did it in about 2 hours or so, with just a slight touching up early this morning to soften a few hard lines, etc.  I tend to paint better when I paint quicker and more loose, at least it seems to be that way. 

Being a new painter, I'm looking forward to trying some Plein Air this spring when I purchase my French Easel.  In the mean time, I'm just trying to get in as much "me" time as I can (usually at night once the child is in bed) and keep practicing.  I have a lot to learn and lots of time!

~ Shane 

What a wonderful job Shane! And how lovely to discover your passion so early in life, you have many happy hours ahead of you! I'm trying to see something to give you as a critique - and you are making it very hard! Let me just say it is beautiful just as it is, so these are just ideas and suggestions.

Maybe a more defined focal point. by composition and where I see the darkest and lightest values I would place it at your tallest tree on the right. You might want to give that tree a bit more importance with more saturated color, and a bit more detail than the rest of the stand of trees. I would also lighten the value of the trees as they move back. Right now the farthest tree in the foreground stand - on the left seems to be the darkest, when its value should be lightest.

The tree shadows are lining up on the left almost evenly, and too close to the edge. They are drawing the eye out of the painting. I would shorten them, lighten the far ones, and have them get shorter and wider with more shape as you come forward.

I love the distant tree line, nice depth.

It's hard to integrate the sky in a painting sometimes. One way to do this is to bring some of the sky color reflected onto the flat planes, especially the sunlit grass areas.

Hope that is helpful, and thanks so much for sharing! Looking forward to following along on your journey!


Thanks for the kind words and tips.  I went back and looked at the painting and the reference photo.  I ended up lightening ever so slightly the back shadows, but left the lengths alone, mainly as I didn't want to remix that color and felt it to be no big deal.  I also lightened up the last tree a bit and darkened the first one.  I also added some more sky holes for interest. 

For the sky, I added just a touch of purple into the grass in a few spots.  I didn't want to fuss with it too much, as I am pretty happy with it, and otherwise you just keep looking for something to fix! :) (My dad keeps giving me grief when I send him photos of my paintings as he says he likes them, although he says he shouldn't since they never stay the same!  LOL). 

I'm starting a new painting tonight and will upload it tomorrow.  I appreciate you taking the time to do this for us, as it means a lot to me, that's for sure.  BTW, did you or do you find yourself continuing to muck with your work and wanting to constantly try to fix this or that?  I'm having the hardest time with that (not counting the very valuable advice you give, that doesn't count!) :)

~ Shane

Sounds wonderful Shane. Yes there is always that tendency to muck with it. But hey you only spent 2 hours on it that hardly counts for mucking, right? :) I find if there is something that bothers me, but I can't quite put my finger on it, setting it aside for a day or two helps. I look at it first thing in the morning, glance at it at odd times, last thing before bed. At some point something I can pinpoint jumps out at me. If I'm busy I jot down notes so I don't forget my Aha moment!

Can't wait for the next one!

Beautifully done Shane.

I love the long shadows and the dark foreground - it give not only depth, but time as well. I know this is either an early sunrise or later sunset painting. I have yet to try such bold shadows myself, but I hope to have them work as well as yours.

Thank you for sharing!

~ David

Really nice job Shane I really like the sky it looks really deep. That's the level of work I am aiming for, I've spent 2 days on mine so far & I'm only half way through.



Hello Shane:   sorry in being late in   complimenting you on this painting....   this time I read  what  every one wrote.. instead of coming in thinking  I was  the only one so far who did...  and I end up repeating everything everyone else has said...    That is a funny thing that you Father said to you..... that the painting always  changes....  that reminds me of  what my husband said about a  meal he liked I cooked...  he  says he isn't going to  ask for it again... because it was a  one shot deal...  it will never happen again... the recipe in  my head always changes.. and then so does the dish.... so your father gets to see it before you have finished it....  tell him he is privlidged then.........   try doing   a painting  some time... doing  two.... of the same painting...  stop when you think,   it is finished... and then continue  on  with the 2nd one.. and see how it turns out....  I did that more than once....  and it worked for me.... what to do , and what not to do.,   I think, we all feel it is never really complete......    Your painting makes me hear the wind in the leaves... what a lovely spot....  I would like to be laying in the sun there... in the first bright sunny area...  and listen to the trees... good work !

Shane,the overall painting is good but I think the bottom right grasses is to light I would rise the grass up a few more inches and darken them overall its has a nice feeling about it great job!


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