Hi dear Ilarians!

I'm learning everyday about painting while reading, viewing videos, watching galleries and - obviously - thanks to my easel. I tried to sum up what I understand in a single drawing showing a pyramid (I invented this tutorial and drew it by myself in Microsoft Excel).

Do you agree with me?

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I'm home now - that's the problem!  Will be moving to join my goodies after this place is sold.  Should have kept at least the fluid acrylics here with me.  .        . 

I understand. May you  find quickly a buyer!

Philippe - I think this is a great little tool for helping an artist to remember what is important.  In learning to paint, it seems that there are so many things to remember.  I have used lists, etc. to check my work when I'm done, but I really like this.  It seems like a tool that could be easily remembered as we are painting away.

I think it is wonderful to develop these kind of things and I appreciate you sharing it.  It is taking a lot of thought and experience and putting it into a simpler "tool" that we can all use as we paint.

I like it!

Thanks Sarah! Like you do, I have too several lists about color, composition, styles, etc...

I think my little tool should be use before any drawing or painting (tnat's what I try to do). Actually each of the 8 items of the tool has to be developped. For example I think the main point about color is how we allocate warm and cold colors, the warmth and the cold.

If I look at my last painting (two rusty cars) I can see there is no "wow factor" in light (uninteresting), value or color (it doesn't mean the painting is failed).

What a wonderful discussion!

Great discussion and input  - thanks Philippe for starting this.


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