In March I posted a painting I did as an entry to the PMP Acrylic Group Challenge for March to May. There were three categories. One of the categories was to use a PMP photo as your reference and then do your painting in the Fauvist style...I had never heard of the Fauve Movement, so had to look it up on the internet. I  chose a PMP photo that was pretty much all green of a tree farm. That was a challenge in do a colourful painting while looking at something that was completely the opposite.

Well today, I found out that my entry won 1st Place....boy was I surprised! Very happy that I actually framed and hung this painting.

Since I had already posted my painting in the gallery, I just included the link to it, in case anyone was interested in seeing it.

Just had to share! :)

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Wanda! I am so excited for you! Perhaps I missed your original post of the painting; I was really out of commission for a while, but I love it! It must have been a huge challenge to add all that color! Way to push yourself and go all out with a completely new concept. I am so happy that you came in first!
How awesome is that? Congrats!

i am not surprised at all! you tackle anything, and it all comes out very pleasing :)

Good going Wanda! Why am I not surprised!!


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