Came across this scene and just wanted to paint it (oil). I didn't have a camera (or phone - we were 'experiencing nature' without distraction. I did do a pencil sketch and later developed this in the studio.

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This is lovely Tony!

You have some nice value shifts and I really love the composition as well.

I especially like the rocks on the right, they are very 3 dimensional and interesting.

I also like the contrast of the dark tree on the right against the light waterfall. It creates a nice focal point area.

Nice flow of the waterfall with your brushstrokes as well! Lovely!

In terms of ideas - 

you might think about adding more color and some value shift in the waterfall. In the photo this area was probably very light. When you photograph something very bright like this you will tend to lose all the details. In life you would see more shadows and color, so you have to use some imagination there.

In general you want to avoid using pure white in a painting, it tends to looks chalky if you use too much. So if you start with darker bluish shadow colors, and then come back with lighter and warmer colors you get a little more interest.

Here is an example

Hope that is helpful.

Feel free to upload your reference photo as well if you would like any further ideas :)


he didn't have a photo Karen. he just had a sketch and memory.

You're right Wenda! I should have read that more carefully! :)

Thanks for the tips. My photo washed out some of the color in the waterfall (flash?)

love the rocks and nice varied greens. i think you did very well, for painting mostly from memory :)  i see karen made some pretty nice suggestions :) she is very good at that. 

Thank you Wenda.

Karen is very helpful. I just taken up painting again after a 3 year hiatus and it seems I forgot everything I knew (know); Karen's reminding me what I forgot (and much more),  ;-)


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