Hi ,I  was thinking of buying some 100% Polyester Canvas and seeing how it reacts.

Has any one tried it? If so, what was your conclusion.  


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Ever tried it but gesso should stick to it.

ever---or never?

Never, sorry

Wendy:  The MITRA web site has several posts on the topic.  Apparently some of the heavier weights of artists canvas already contain polyester.  Some artists (including at least one conservator) have been using polyester awning material from one manufacturer as a substrate.  One issue is that some polyester fabrics are "polished", leaving a smooth thread.  Unpolished fibers have small "hairs" or fine fuzz that allows better adhesion of the acrylic film.  It seems to depend entirely upon where you get the polyester and how it has been prepared.

The jury seems a bit mixed for oils, but polyester is deemed a good base for acrylics.  Unless you buy it as panels or pre-stretched on a frame, there are cautionary notes about handling the fabric and getting it attached to either the stretcher or a framed wood panel.  Gesso is considered to be a good sealer. 

I simply did a search for "polyester canvas" on the MITRA site to find this.  "Polyflax" canvas is a cotton/polyester blend according to one post.  Input came from manufacturers, moderators, and artists.

Very interesting Charles.

The idea of polished and unpolished,brought to mind  trying out possibly 100%  poly fabric .With different warp,weft and weaves combinations .Washing it to see if could develop enough of a tooth to hold paint.


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