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Welcome to my FREE Acrylic Painting teaching and sharing website!

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The focus is ACRYLIC PAINTING. Learn from videos, tutorial, critiques and sharing

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Getting Help

Posting Paintings....

There are a couple of ways you can share your paintings with the group:

1. Just share, no critique

You can post up to 3 paintings a day - go to your "My Page" tab or just post them below in "Latest Activity". Photos posted will be admired and enjoyed, but will not get an in depth critique. So if you aren't interested in suggestions for changing or improving your painting from myself and other members, just post the photo. So, for members commenting -

please don't critique a photo unless it is specifically requested by the artist.

Positive comments are always good! We don't want anyone to be discouraged! There is also a "sharing only, no critiques" discussion category you can use.

To see all the photos recently posted, go to the "Photos" tab above and choose "All Photos"

2. Learn specific ways to improve your paintings through Constructive Critiques

Go to the "Forum" tab and start a discussion - there is a short video above if you need help with this. Use the Constructive Critique Category when you post the discussion - that is the default category, so if you don't change it you will automatically be in Constructive Critiques.

I, and your fellow members will do our best to give you concrete suggestions as to what you can do to improve your painting, and also what specifically is working well. This is all in the spirit of learning and growing as we are all on this journey together! When you post your painting and open it up to critique, you are helping many other members who aren't ready to do that. We all make many of the same mistakes when we are learning, and so can all benefit from reading through these critiques. When you look at someone else's painting for how it could be improved, it is somehow much easier than seeing the faults in our own "children" :)

So, lets see those paintings!




Started by David Good in Constructive Critiques. Last reply by Eva Leitner 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Mobility is the title of this painting.It is an abstract acrylic on a 36"x36" canvas.I wanted to do something with only two colors and the best two I know of are Black and White.Tools used on this painting included, 2" brushes, #10 flat brush,…Continue

Tags: spatula, basting, brush, sponge, squeegee

I'm Confused...The Painting

Started by David Good in Constructive Critiques. Last reply by Eva Leitner 1 hour ago. 1 Reply

Okay - so the painting is actually called "Old Window" (I know - how original and artsy).This is a 4x4" canvas board, coated with Golden Fiber Paste, then painted over with acrylic washes to make the color the stucco wall, then the ivy and wheels…Continue

Tags: ivy, landscape, wheel, structure, window


Started by willis charles in Constructive Critiques. Last reply by John Redfern yesterday. 8 Replies

I usually paint landscapes so this was a bit different for me.  It seems that I…Continue

Opening night a good one.

Started by John N Blank in Constructive Critiques. Last reply by John Redfern yesterday. 9 Replies

A drum roll please. I had a lot of nice words about my booth and art and to top it off I sold four (4) paintings. Do I feel good? You can bet your bippy I do.  I best part was the other artist coming over and telling me that they really like my…Continue


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DVD's of my Videos

I have had some requests for a DVD of my video painting tutorials. So, to answer that request. I have 2 DVD's currently available. These include all the parts of series, plus the reference photo and photos of the finished painting.

"Summer Daydream" the DVD

Summer Pond looks the same, just with the Summer Pond painting on it :)

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Latest Activity

Eva Leitner replied to David Good's discussion Mobility
""Wow! A very strong painting! Great!""
1 hour ago
Eva Leitner replied to David Good's discussion I'm Confused...The Painting
"Very interesting, David! The fibre paste gives the "shabby look"! I like it!""
1 hour ago
Eva Leitner commented on David Good's photo


"Wow! A very strong painting! Great!"
1 hour ago
Eva Leitner commented on David Good's photo

Old Window

"Very interesting, David! The fibre paste gives the "shabby look"! I like it!"
1 hour ago

Want Help With Your Painting?

If you would like me, and your fellow members to give you constructive ideas on your painting

Just follow these steps! Go to the "Forum" Tab

Click the "Create a New Discussion" tab. Download your photo, and your photo reference if applicable.

Let us know what you would like help with!


OPTIONAL - If you would like to help support our website on a monthly basis, click on this button to set up a recurring $10 per month payment. And if you can help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Thank You!

I wanted a way to say Thank You to those that have contributed financially to the website. Your help is completely voluntary and so appreciated!

So Thank You!

Patron Members ($10/month Subscribers)

Lynda Dineen, LizJ, Linda Wooding, Lynn Hedrick, Allen Thompson, Marti Major, Betty Visotski and Paul Zarzeka !

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Wanda McDonald, Terry Bowman, Paparay, Bill Done, Don, John Redfern, Cee Dee, Gilles Leveille, Elena, Don Stier, Denise Thornton,  Rhonda Shumway-Luna, Kathleen Anduze and Charles Eisener!

Multiple Red Dot Members (Ok, I couldn't come up with a clever name for multiple contributions!)

John Mitchelmore, John Blank, Peter Brooker

And thank you to everyone who is contributing with their comments and paintings and interest as well!

You guys are the best!



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